Friday, August 06, 2004

Letter to the editor – The Economist
SIR – You should be frightened at the thought of the world's dominant economy being taken over by a liberal Democrat with no real experience in administering anything of any note. Governing a state or at least running a big governmental entity is usually a vital prerequisite to overseeing the sprawling federal bureaucracy. Being so distant politically from the mainstream of the body politic ensures that a Kerry-Edwards administration would be mired in legislative gridlock from the start. The thought of them, in over their heads, turning to the likes of Edward Kennedy and Bill Clinton for political sustenance could only excite the naive or those without America's best interests at heart.
Ron Goodden

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Anonymous said...

The Clinton I actually referred to in my letter was Hillary, not Bill. Odd that The Economist's editor chose to be so creative in his editing ...

Ron Goodden