Monday, August 16, 2004

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream

Please Mr. Sandman, send me a story about voters from a critical battleground state who are not buying into the empty rhetoric of the Kerry campaign. Some choice quotes confirming all my criticisms about Senator Splunge would be nice.

*Poof!* - “In Ohio, doubts remain on Kerry Sample sees Bush as better defined

"He [Kerry] hasn't done anything to even try to close the deal," she said. "He just keeps saying, 'I'm not Bush and this is why,' and it's a valid point, but so many other valid points need to be made."

"If you do elect Bush, you know what direction he's going to go," said Robin King, 39, a print-shop coordinator at the First Christian Church in Canton, and a Bush supporter. "You don't know anything that Kerry's going to do. You can guess from what he says, but he doesn't really hit hard on any of the questions."

Ed Beegle, 53, a retired UPS driver who voted for Bush in 2000 but is still undecided this year, said Kerry "never commits to nothing."

"I don't think Bush has done as good a job as I think he could have, but I think he's doing a better job, and I trust him infinitely more than I trust the Democrats in general and Kerry in particular to lead us through these tense times," Cohodas said.

"A lot of New England people think Ohio people and this region's people are stupid," said Gaul, who regularly watches the talk show of Boston native Conan O'Brien. "They always make fun of Cleveland, and like this is a corn state. My impression is that New England people often think Midwesterners are stupid."

King said: "They talk like that about people in Ohio, yet we're the deciding vote. What's funny is, the corn people know.”
Thank you, Mr. Sandman!

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