Monday, August 16, 2004

His third choice was Uriah Heep

I can’t stop chuckling at this line from a Kerry interview with GQ magazine:

The fictional character Kerry most identifies with: "There's a little Huck Finn in me; there's a little Tom Sawyer in me ...”
So which characterization is most apt?

1.) Huck aimless and adrift on a river, with no apparent direction
2.) Tom tricks others into doing work for him
3.) Their proclivity to tell outlandish lies
4.) Huck gets a rich widow to take care of him


Anonymous said...

Ooh, can a liberal play?

5) Huck treats a Negro as more than a prop;
6) Huck is not taken in by evangelical caterwauling;
7) Huck acknowledges the dead.
8) Tom enters a cave, and actually brings the killer who's been hiding inside to justice.

Andrea said...

"Huck acknowledges the dead"

What the hell does that mean?

Eric said...

Oh please. What have the Donks done since Southern Democrats tried to block the Civil Rights Act? Empty talk and stirring the pot of racial hatred (e.g. the mythical "stolen votes" in Florida, the execrable NAACP commercial).

Does Kerry care about blacks? Let's ask Donna Brazile.

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. GOD. Can't stop laughing - "liberal" is KILLING me. "Treats a negro as more than a prop" - coming from a Democrat, that is HILARIOUS.

Democrats: claim they're fighting for the rights of minorities to have a chance at "sharing in the power."

Republicans: actually putting minorities in positions of incredible power and authority.

Ah, but I forgot - conservative blacks aren't really blacks at all, in lib eyes. I take it all back.

Anonymous said...

What "Huck acknowledges the dead" means is that he shows up at all the funerals with his security team and the press corps and turns something very private into a photo op.