Friday, August 20, 2004

I sense a theme

OK, I'm all caught up on my blog updates after my mini-vacation. A couple of blogs are covering the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, their new ad, and the NY Times hit piece. They're all listed to the left (except for, maybe, Medical Rants).

So I was wrong: this story is big news and only looks to get bigger, despite the laughable efforts of the NY Times to bury it under ad hominem attacks.

A couple of blogs with (I thought) particularly good coverage: Blogs for Bush, Betsy's Page, Hugh Hewitt, and Powerline. The New England Republican had a good review of the Swifty's second ad and I found myself nodding with gusto to this post from DGCI:
John Kerry has a big problem, you see. Repeat after me:

He. Made. Vietnam. A. Campaign. Issue.

He did. Not the Swift Vets. How many times during the primaries did Kerry refer to his Vietnam service and try to tell us how his four months of combat experience qualify him to be Commander in Chief? How many?

He's the one who showed up at the Convention with his half-assed salute and ludicrous "reporting for duty" line.

He's based his entire campaign on it. He WANTED it to be an issue, because his lackluster Senate record is nothing to run on.
Hoisted by his own petard - that's all.

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