Monday, July 28, 2003

Fisking Tom Tomorrow

Tommy T. gets away with a lot of left-leaning rhetoric because he's kinda-sorta funny. But Radley Balko gives Tom a righteous fisking on his latest comic which tries (vainly) to ridicule Social Security privatization and school vouchers. My favorite part:

Well what makes more sense? The market always pays off in the long run!

This is meant to be sarcasm. But it's true. There's no 40 year period in the history of the stock market that has yielded worse returns than what you get from the Social Security program. That includes the Depression. That includes World War II. That includes the dot-com bust. Tomorrow's trying to be funny here. If he'd look at the numbers, it's his ignorance that's laughable.

Nice one, Radley - wish I had beaten you to the punch.

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