Thursday, September 07, 2023

Schadenfreude overload

The Corner: "On Illegal Immigration, Mayor Eric Adams Is an Incoherent Mess"
Why should illegal immigrants be in Texas and not New York? New York City is a self-designated “sanctuary”; Texas is not. What did New Yorkers think that meant? Why are they surprised that a non-sanctuary jurisdiction such as Texas would “bus” illegal immigrants “up” to a sanctuary jurisdiction such as their own? Do they not own a dictionary? Did they think it was a joke? Was their willingness to serve as a “sanctuary” only operative when they believed that nobody would show up?
Ding ding ding!  We have a winner.

What about the Statue of Liberty, Mayor?  What about that poem?

John Hayward has a long thread excoriating Eric Adams on the emptiness of his complaints now.  You voted for this, New York, and now you can take it good and hard.



Anonymous said...

Mayor Adams should follow the model of appropriate Republican leadership, and fill the Hudson River with large buoys wrapped in razor wire.

Anonymous said...

[previous post deleted]

Heh. The expunged post cited far too many inconveniently ludicrous lies by Eric Adams. Heckler's veto... activate!