Wednesday, May 10, 2023

You voted for this

Curbed: "Spiraling in San Francisco’s Doom Loop What it’s like to live in a city that no longer believes its problems can be fixed."

Today I had a conversation with a co-worker who had just gotten back from San Francisco and he did not refrain from explaining what a s---hole it is.  I felt the same way about Seattle when I visited a couple years ago, pre-George Floyd.

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Anonymous said...

We never hear this kind of rightwing vitriol about Memphis, Tennessee, whose high crime rates put San Francisco and Seattle to shame.

Nor Kansas City, Missouri. Nor New Orleans, Louisiana. Nor Tulsa, Oklahoma. Nor Little Rock, Akansas. Nor Lubbock, Texas. And many more.

One wondeRs what eveR the Reason could be?