Tuesday, August 03, 2021

So this is where we are

Last month, the Supreme Court ruled that the CDC's eviction moratorium was unconstitutional and would have to end this past weekend.  Then this happened today: "President Biden Announces on Live TV That He Intends to Break His Oath of Office."
President Biden knows that the CDC’s eviction moratorium is illegal, having, per Gene Sperling, “not only kicked the tires,” but “double, triple, quadruple checked.” He also knows that the Supreme Court has ruled that it is illegal, and that the majority of the legal scholars he has consulted think that the Court is correct.

And yet, because a bunch of progressives have spent the day complaining, Biden announced just now that he intends to violate his oath and reissue the order anyway. “The bulk of the constitutional scholars,” Biden admitted at his press conference just now, “say it’s not likely to pass constitutional muster.” Then he said that he was prepared to try his luck anyway.

Big day for the “norms” crowd.
Biden is a weak President and basically he got worn down by left-wing brow beating.  The Executive branch is supposed to execute the laws, not look for procedural loopholes:
In other words, he knows it’s unconstitutional and it wouldn’t be upheld but he knows that legal action against this extension will take time, so he’s going to try to do it anyway and then blame others and the courts when he’s sued and he loses. Can we talk about how wrong this is? He doesn’t care that it’s illegal. He knows it’s contrary to what the Supreme Court has already indicated yet he’s flying in their face anyway, something that just defies belief.
The CDC is now writing laws.  How Looney Tunes is this?  Yeah, big day for "norms" and "restoring order."


Roger Bournival said...

Actually, SCOTUS did not rule on that opinion; Kavanaugh (and maybe others) expressed an opinion about what they would have done had they taken the case.

Eric said...

Yeah, I saw that. Still, Biden said the quiet part out loud when he said that it was probably unconstitutional but it will buy him some time.

Imagine...oh, nevermind.