Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The blackout effect

Macworld: "Tech lessons from 72 hours without electricity" - "Backup batteries, solar charges, and UPS boxes kept me afloat during three days mostly cut off from the world."

Yes, it's awful to be off the internet for a couple hours.  As somebody who has lived through several New England snowpocalypses, I would also recommend appliances that run off of camp propane canisters like a camp light, camp heater, and a camp stove.  Personally, I also have a cord of hardwood to burn if things get a little rough.  Think Frontierland.


Roger Bournival said...

About 8 years ago I had power off for an entire day just as it was snowing over 2 feet outside. Between all the snow shoveling / snowblowing and the lack of heat, I was freakin' miserable. I kept the place warm by heating a 16 qt. and a 20 qt. lobsterpot and moving them around. I also knew I had limited hot water in that heater, so I took two showers at key times to keep me going. When power finally came back on it was a great feeling.

I definitely need to upgrade in this area but it happens infrequently, so I weigh that off and decide to keep going w/o the inverter, etc.

DCE said...

Our previous home had a standby generator attached to a 500 gallon propane tank. We also had a woodstove and 4 cords of firewood. It helped us weather more than a few multi-day power outages (usually in the winter, though there was one three-day outage one October a few years ago).

The new house I am building will be similarly equipped. The place where I am now residing does have a generator, so if it comes down to it I've got it covered.

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