Thursday, May 23, 2019

They gain absolution by voting for Bernie

Hot Air: "NY Times Opinion: Progressives Are Complete Hypocrites When It Comes To Housing Policy."  In which he takes apart the San Francisco NIMBYs.
This is a critique conservatives have long made about open-border progressives. If you want people crossing the border to be released on our streets, let’s release them in your neighborhood! It’s probably what motivated President Trump to suggest that the crush of Central Americans arriving at the border now should be directed toward sanctuary cities. If you want us to do this, how about you directly shoulder some of it.
Last summer, I saw a taping of the NPR show "Live from Here" at Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  (Truth be told, I was there to see the excellent Lake Street Dive.)  The show had to close with a monologue from the host about immigration with a pointed jab at Donald Trump that elicited a broad cheer from the Massachusetts audience.

If there is a section of the country minimally affected by the unpleasant side-effects of unfettered immigration, it may be the aging hippie population of mountainous and remote Berkshire County.  What a brave position to take in front of this Western Massachusetts crowd, NPR.

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