Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Pandering level 1000

Twitchy: "Thousands in her state have been affected by the shutdown, so Elizabeth Warren’s donating her salary to … refugees?"

Well, she's fighting against "corrupt" Washington so she doesn't want to donate any money to support the corrupt government that she's fighting and persisting against.

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Anonymous said...

Devorah Blachor, McSweeney’s:
I Don’t Hate Women Candidates — I Just Hated Hillary and Coincidentally I’m Starting to Hate Elizabeth Warren

I’ve heard that Elizabeth Warren is a champion of consumers and the middle class who battled the big banks and advocates for economic reform. Nonetheless, she rubs me the wrong way.

I hate the way she dealt with Donald Trump’s incessant attacks against her, for example. Why did Elizabeth Warren have to take that DNA test? Why couldn’t she have handled his abuse the exact right way? Though I have never once in my life given a thought about the welfare of Native Americans, I am totally offended on their behalf.

Another thing about Elizabeth Warren: She claims she advocates for the poor, yet she isn’t poor herself.

I’d love to see a female President. Just not Hillary Clinton. Or Elizabeth Warren. I am totally open to all other women leaders, but I have to admit that Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar are beginning to make me angry and I’m not sure why yet, but I know the reason will become clear soon, and I’m also wondering what they might look like if someone photoshopped their heads onto the bodies of prisoners and put them behind bars.