Monday, December 19, 2016

What's the over/under on faithless electors?

My guess is one attention-seeking defector.  One.


Pete McCloskey said...

You were 14% right.

Congratulations to Colin Powell (3), Bernie Sanders, Ron Paul, John Kasich, and Faith Spotted Eagle.

Poor Gary Johnson and Jill Stein - they finished in 8th, tied with you and me.

It's the most defectors since 1872. And that was only because the losing candidate Horace Greeley defected from being alive, in between the election and the electoral college ratification vote.

Eric said...

I was only thinking of Trump electors so I'd like to think I was 50% off.

Still, I was really surprised by the sum total of faithless electors.

Anonymous said...

There were more than seven electors kicking their feet. One elector voted for Trump and Carly Fiorina. Other electors sent in alternate ballots that were rejected. Some protest-resigned rather than cast their ballots, and were replaced by stand-by electors who were willing to tick the box.