Friday, September 30, 2016


The "WTF" moment for me in the first Presidential debate was when Trump went on (and on) about how he was "extremely underleveraged."  He had already made it obvious that he had done virtually no preparation for the debate and, at this nadir, he was going to wing it through any and all topics and fall into Clinton's traps over and over.  I cannot agree with this commentary from Jim Geraghty more: "You can't save the candidate from himself"
Why should anyone be emotionally invested in this man’s victory, if he refuses to learn, refuses to improve, and refuses to avoid making the same mistakes, over and over and over and over again? I’d love to see Hillary Clinton defeated. I just have no faith that Donald Trump is capable of doing that. Every now and then, he gains some traction, the polls get closer… and then he goes and does something stupid. And all of his supporters insist it doesn’t matter, and that we should all avert our eyes, and that we’re betraying something good and righteous by noticing what just happened right in front of us. And then they insist it’s not stupid, that there’s some brilliant nine-level chess going on that we can’t possibly understand from the outside, and if we just wait and see, Donald Trump will win in the end. Unless he doesn’t, because the election is rigged.
That’s not a campaign; that’s a cult.
Thanks a bunch, Republican primary voters.  Before the debate, I spoke to a friend and said that Trump had two things he needed to do: 1) focus on the economy and 2) not look nuts.  Instead, he threw up one word salad after another culminating in Miss Universe.  The audience made a gasp/laugh when he said he had a "great temperament" and with good reason.

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Extra - Debate prep is for chumps.

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