Friday, August 05, 2016

Time for the "Seven Days in May" maneuver

Politico: "Insiders to Trump: Drop out".  I agree with this guy:
“I’d rather take our chances with nearly anyone else than continue with this certain loser who will likely cost the Senate and much more,” said a New Hampshire Republican — who, like all respondents, completed the survey anonymously.
I said from the get-go that this was a fool's errand and now Trump is behind in Georgia.  Georgia!  That's not just a firebell in the night; that's the foreshadowing of a Reagan-Mondale beatdown.

There was a movie in 1964 called "Seven Days in May" about a planned coup d'etat in America and, if I remember correctly, one scene involved the Vice President and a majority of the cabinet signing a declaration that the President was unfit which gave the imprimatur for a military takeover.  (It might have been the 1994 remake that had this scene).  This scene invokes section 4 of the 25th Amendment where, if a majority of the Cabinet says the President is a nutcase, he can be removed.

Surely the RNC has some kind of proviso or codicil in their charter to remove the Mad Hatter.  Call it whatever you want, although I prefer the "Torricelli switcheroo."  Hillary stole the nomination from a decrepit socialist by colluding with the DNC and using her charity as a slush fund.  Invoke a sanity clause and install someone who, as a minimum, will not embarrass the Republican party by losing Utah.


Roger Bournival said...

Don't blame me - I voted for Cruz!

Eric said...

Yeah, and I voted for Rubio, for what that's worth in Massachusetts.

Anonymous said...

I'm very disturbed by the way Republicans are handling the situation. I'm not a Donald Trump fan, but the simple fact is that he won the nomination. Trying to change the rules and dump him just is about a Democratic sort of maneuver as they come. And the fact is that he is likely to do a MUCH better job than Hillary. Now admittedly, that is a pretty low bar, but still...

If the Republicans/Conservatives/Right Leaning folks don't stop bashing Trump every chance than can, then Hillary will win. It really is as simple as that. Personally, I'm considerably more "Never Hillary" than anything else. But not voting or voting for the Libertarians will be much the same as voting for Hillary - and that would mean the end of U.S.A.. At least I can't see any other outcome after she appoints a couple of Supreme Court Justices.

So it's time to stop the bitching and start helping Trump. Hold your noses if you have to, but please stop helping Hillary!!!

Un-Quiet Desperation said...

Sadly, supposedly intelligent Republicans are very suggestible to whatever memes the Trump-hating media are pushing on any given day. You can actually see these memes moving through their commentary like waves on the ocean.

Trump wants Russia to hack Clinton emails!

Trump disrespects Gold Star parents!

Trump throws baby out of rally!

Trump is imploding!

Trump will/should be dumped!

Lies, all. It's true that there's nothing complicated about the choice at hand. The sad thing is that many of the Trump-hating Republicans would deny with their dying breath that they're helping Hillary, even while being positively eager to be given their marching orders by her terrified minions.

Terrified? Oh, did I say that? Why that's laughable. Any self-respecting media outlet will tell you that. But it's written all over everything they say. You're either able to see it, or you're in thrall.

As a refreshing antidote to the frantic desperation, try this article.

Anonymous said...

As a refreshing antidote to the frantic desperation, try this article

Oh dear, oh dear. Millions and millions of secret, shiny new voters, unknown to the press and buried by the pollsters. Just waiting to be activated on Election Day, like Laurel and Hardy's army of wooden soldiers.

The same "conservatives missed by the polls" theory appealed to an audience of chumps four years ago. Sadly, the theory died like a dog. But it's still good enough to convince the world's greatest truth detector and towel collector. He's the analyst who recently wrote, "I can only pity your obsessive fantasy that I worked to "skew" the polls for Romney in 2012 (whatever that even means in your head)."

Skew? Unskew? What's that? Besides, now it's 2016, he's found "the antidote," and it's NOTHING like the needy wishcasting of 2012!

No Comment said...

See that, VP? Your resident lefty gadflea is your comrade in the great anti-Trump cause. Does that happen to tell you anything?

It's good to see that what I wrote in this comment thread continues to burn holes in his head to this day. And apparently my mere linking to an article about the current media treatment of Trump gives him the "proof" he's been waiting for that his pitiable fantasies about my behind-the-scenes work for Romney in 2012 are true.

Words can't describe how satisfying it is that even as I sit back with my feet up and sip a beverage, that iconic comment thread continues to do its good work.

Anonymous said...

Good God, the dolt even links to it. "As a dog returneth to his vomit, so fools repeat their folly."

That was the mid-May thread where he was mocking the idea of Trump's "vaunted 40% average" (which I explicitly un-vaunted, but why get hung up on irrelevant details?). No matter; whichever imaginary opponent he thought he was defeating, he was right to laugh it up, because Trump has risen to 40.3% in today’s RCP polling average. 41%, you goin’ down next!

In May, the poor soul thought Trump was surging, and the race had dramatically changed. (To be fair, that was an exciting week. A sweet memento to hug tightly for the next four years.)

Now it’s August, and he thinks a suppositious article about Trump barreling to a "landslide" victory because of the invisible, "jaw-dropping" "Monster Vote" is an inspiring refutation of... well, just about everything else that’s happening.

Imagine what he'll be thinking by October.

even as I sit back with my feet up and sip a beverage

Yummy yums, red Kool-Aid. Makes reality alllll go away. It’s no wonder he never drinks anything else.

Helpful Tip: Make sure you have more than “a” beverage ready three months from now.

Know Comment said...

Although an emotional scene was not needed to verify that the iconic comment thread is still burning holes in his head, the gadflea was gracious enough to provide one.

Anonymous said...

Despite living in August 2016, Troll actually thinks he "won" that "iconic" thread by exulting about the game-changing and very real Trump Surge!!!. And that I "lost" that thread (and subsequently, my mind) by pointing out the polling uptick was neither solid nor enough. Well, he doesn't actually think it, he just gets his jollies saying it.

Troll actually thinks an awesome "Trump's gonna win big" article he came across outranks comprehensive coast-to-coast polling. Well, he doesn't actually think it, he just gets his jollies saying it.

Troll actually thinks his unoriginal message board cosplay is masterful psychological puppeteering that "gets under the skin." And that his being kicked in the teeth isn't really teeth-kicking, it's an emotional failure on the part of the person delivering the rough dentistry. Well, he doesn't actually thin-- eh, you know where this pattern goes.

The attentive reader will notice that the non-dupe non-juvenile non-troll who runs this blog has no such delusions about the nature of the Republicans' ongoing Trumpageddon.

Trying to Plug the Holes said...

I love the gadflea's last sentence where he pats VP on the head and says, "Good useful idiot!"

Anonymous said...

Revising the polls isn't enough for him. Now he's unskewing thread posts.