Thursday, April 28, 2016

We'll always have Canada

NY Post: "Ted Cruz is crumbling before our very eyes."  He coulda been a contender.


Anonymous said...

You know who coulda been a contender? Chris Christie. He could have potentially been the Trump of this campaign, in terms of anti-establishment appeal and ass-kicking attitude.

Instead, he announces his campaign, and gives a speech with its main theme being "All I want to do is compromise with Democrats." And his candidacy sinks faster than if he had been fitted with cement shoes.

You can look across this country and not find a single campaigning Democrat who would say "I want to compromise with Republicans." This is because the D's understand what it means to be an opposition party. Republicans, for some sick reason, don't.

Roger Bournival said...

Cruz isn't crumbling as much as being run over by the Trump Train.

I think the thing that sunk Christie was his hug of Obama when Christie was begging for a Federal bailout after Hurricane Sandy.