Thursday, June 04, 2015

Forgot to carry the one

Everything you need to know about the "global warming" debate can be found in this sentence from - naturally - the New York Times: "Global Warming 'hiatus' challenged by NOAA research."
The change prompted accusations on Thursday from some climate-change denialists that the agency was trying to wave a magic wand and make inconvenient data go away.
That's right: denialists...because we tend to point out that the prevailing data shows no significant increase in warming despite record carbon dioxide levels.  But never mind that now!  Let's embrace the skew:
At the same time, senior climate scientists at other agencies were in no hurry to embrace NOAA’s specific adjustments.

“What you have is a reasonable effort to deal with known biases, and obviously there is some uncertainty in how you do that,” said Gavin A. Schmidt, who heads a NASA climate research unit in New York that deals with similar issues.

Some experts also pointed out that, depending on exactly how the calculation is done, a recent slowdown in global warming still appears in the NOAA temperature record, though it may be smaller than before. 
Maybe, maybe not.  Sounds like a lot of hedging goin' on.  What is the proximate cause of the miscalculation?
Yet the temperature record is plagued by many problems: thermometers and recording practices changed through time, weather stations were moved, cities grew up around once-rural stations, and so on.
Yes, "and so on."  Let's restructure the entire global economy based on this hard evidence of sorta-maybe wacky thermometers and et cetera.

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Revisionism in the name of Liberalism is Righteousness said...

The systematic revisions by NASA and others of past temperature readings so as to bolster the case for man-made warming is perhaps the greatest fraud in the history of science.