Saturday, December 27, 2014

Things that bug me

Have you seen the Geico commercial where a guy is walking from the street towards a public (that is, not residential) office building and cannot enter when he pulls on the door handle?  Suddenly Salt-N-Pepa appear and urge him to "Push It."

I'm almost positive that national fire codes require that all public buildings must have doors that open outward.  The reason is that if there's an emergency a crush of panicked people would prevent the door from being opened inward, preventing escape.  Furthermore, I'm pretty sure these changes came about after the Cocoanut Grove Fire of 1942.

That door is in violation of the fire code.


Unknown said...

What bugs me, is the damn commercial itself, push it........give it a rest.

Reptile dysfunction said...

Also, no gecko species is native to Great Britain. And yet, the accent is unmistakable.

Anonymous said...

You would think that one of the film crew would see this stupid mistake and realize that we would notice this.