Saturday, March 22, 2014

The silencers

Federalist: "Why liberals attempt to silence honest debate."  Because shut up.  And Koch brothers.


Anonymous said...

That is one incoherent complaint letter. The federal government is out to get him, and so is a college student.

These days, though, attack ads are just good fun. said...

Because shut up. And Koch brothers.

"The Democrats, in their state of desperation, have thrown all pretense out the window and gratefully accepted lump sums from George Soros and others who are pouring money into "non-partisan" groups (like MoveOn) who have dedicated themselves to liberal causes, including defeating President Bush in 2004."

"The debate and vote over John Roberts will further reveal them as a party that is slavish to George Soros and the MoveOn moneymakers."

"Soros is pouring money into the left wing MoveOn organization, as well as other groups specifically assembled to oppose the White House (in the process, making a mockery of campaign finance reform)."

I wonder which blogger wrote those things about the monster George Soros, back in the terrifying old days when there were nominal campaign finance laws?