Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Is there no respite?

Politico: "Obamacare ads to hit the Olympic slopes."  That's right: HHS is spending taxpayer money on commercials to run during the Winter Olympics.
The agency declined to specify the size of the ad buy.
I'll bet.  What's worse is that Kathleen Sebelius is hoping some young invincibles crash horribly so everybody understands that it's important to get insurance:
No word on the images that might be used along with the usual messaging, although high-injury events such as the giant slalom or snowboarding offer immediate visuals to underscore the risk of going without health insurance.
It's come to this.


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Great piece of literary writing, you should get an OSCAR for this piece, very insightful

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I would at least nominate him for an Oscar!

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August 15, 2004:
During the Summer Games in Athens, the president also is trying to demonstrate his strength to Olympics viewers--with hopes of converting them into Republican voters--through a targeted advertising campaign.

Images in the new television commercials are designed to remind Americans of fledgling democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan that have emerged under his leadership.

"The image of the Iraqi soccer team playing in this Olympics, it's fantastic isn't it?" Bush asked an Oregon audience late last week. Against the backdrop of Olympics swimmers, the new Bush ad says, "Freedom is spreading throughout the world like a sunrise. And this Olympics, there will be two more free nations and two fewer terrorist regimes. With strength, resolve and courage, democracy will triumph over terror. And, hope will defeat hatred."

Echo of 9/11 ads
By associating himself with the Olympics, just as he repeatedly has with Sept. 11, the president is adding another layer to the narrative of his re-election bid, presenting his candidacy as a referendum on strength and patriotism.

Political historians and strategists from both parties said they could not recall a time when a presidential candidate had tied a campaign ad directly to the Olympics, which are intended to be a haven from national disputes or blatant politicking.

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for someone thats so long winded all you can say is Um...Thanks, smh. take care buddy

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for someone thats so long winded all you can say is Um...

You said it, Somebody! Those five-count-em-five sentences (including "I'll bet.") were a real odyssey to get through. Come on, Viking Pundit, even a train comes to a stop once in a while!

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I have no idea what's going on but comments are nice.

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