Saturday, February 02, 2013

The media told me it's not his fault

Investors Business Daily: "Obama's jobless recovery continues unabated."  "So the economy created 157,000 new payroll jobs in January. Wow. At this rate, we might actually get back down to Bush-era unemployment rates sometime, oh, within the next 100 years."

He's even losing Krugman:
KRUGMAN: You know, you can always find an excuse. The thing to say is that each year of his presidency, the Council of Economic Advisers come out with an economic report of the president which forecast great job growth starting right now. Those reports come out each February. Each year they forecast great job growth. It hasn’t materialized and then they go back and say well, that’s because of all these things, but those things didn’t seem to affect their own forecast when they were making them.
"All these things" include ATMs and airport kiosks.  And "headwinds."

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