Saturday, August 27, 2011

Looting HDTVs

Mark Steyn has some choice thoughts on the rioters in England: "The Desperation of Deprivation Myth."
In fact, these feral youth live better than 90 percent of the population of the planet. They certainly live better than their fellow youths halfway around the world who go to work each day in factories across China and India to make the cool electronic toys young Westerners expect to enjoy as their birthright.

To justify their looting, the looters appealed to the conventional desperation-of-deprivation narrative: They’d “do anything to get more money.” Anything, that is, except get up in the morning, put on a clean shirt, and go off to do a day’s work. That concept is all but unknown to the homes in which these guys were raised
.As Steyn notes in his conclusion, this is the endgame of a society where Xbox-less looters are the victims while those who produce to pay for everything are on the wrong end of the "us vs. them" class warfare narrative.

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