Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Tarheel State gambit - Interesting analysis from a reader over at the Real Clear Politics blog. If Hillary can somehow pull out a win in North Carolina and take three primaries in a row, can she claim that Obama has been irredeemably damaged by the Wright controversy? Hmmm. Of course, it's also possible I'm imagining this scenario because I want the Clinton train wreck to be as devastating as possible. That seems closer to the truth.


Anonymous said...

Here's the delicious scenario:

Trading wins in the remaining races, the delegate lead remains as it is today, about 100+ in favor of Obama. But Hillary keeps winning about 60-70% of the white vote (or, conversely, Obama struggles to reach 25-30% of the white vote.) Oh, the agony of the superdelegates! Not enough to give the nomination to Hillary, but enough problems with Obama that they are doomed.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, yes, so "delicious." Too bad you're gonna starve, when nothing like your dream menu occurs.