Thursday, November 29, 2007

CNN: We're not embarrassed by our lack of journalistic integrity

Look, CNN can pick out whomever they want from the pool of YouTube entries, even known partisans, but the Clinton plant was out of bounds and easily checked on this little thing known as Google. But now CNN says they have nothing to defend. Except early this morning they seemed to feel guilty about something:

I watched the CNN re-broadcast of the debate this morning from 3-5am (the joys of morning drive radio), and I kept waiting for Col. Keith Kerr's question. He never showed up. CNN apparently deleted his entire appearance from the re-broadcast.
What's everybody getting so worked up about?

Extra - Stephen Green laments "the obviousness of CNN’s agenda" before he knew about the Clinton plant.

More - From Patterico, it's fair and balanced at CNN.

And this - Newspaper man Matt Hoy: "You can’t spell incompetent without CNN. Media. Wound. Self-inflicted."

Finally - Big roundup on Memeorandum.


Anonymous said...

Many folks who are VERY VERY VERY OUTRAGED today have had no problem with people being ejected from Bush town hall meetings for having the wrong bumper sticker or T-shirt, or with the softball questions fed by staffers to screened speakers - the only speakers permitted to speak - or with "overzealous" campaign volunteers blacklisting attendees, or with audiences being required to sign reelection endorsement forms as a pre-condition of entry.

Now we're supposed to care about the sacred GOP Cone of Consensus being breached by a spy with an obvious agenda... er, why again?

Anonymous said...

Which Clinton plant are we talking about? Was the plant standing behind the Log Cabin Republican military lifer who's a registered GOP voter?

Republicans: standing tall to defend freedom against the horrors of international Islamofascism... but for God's sake, please don't make us face a terrifying ringer with a pointed question!

joated said...

I've no problem with some o fthe questions that were asked by these plants. It was the streotyping of the Republican base that bothers me more. That and the mislabeling of the questioners as "undecided voters" when they are working for candidates on the Democratic side. A little research on the part of CNN and disclosure of the questioners true affiliation would have gone a long way. As it was and is, CNN has lost crdibility by the bushel.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant move by Hillary, setting up the fake hostage-taker to divert attention. It's a classic countermove. She's running a flawless campaign.