Thursday, December 23, 2004

Sometimes it’s easy to believe in something…

I’m always amused that the same people who doubt the mathematical bankruptcy of Social Security also know that global warming is a genuine threat to mankind. According to George Will, author Michael Crichton is trying to disabuse the eco-true believers in his latest novel:

Crichton's subject is today's fear that global warming will cause catastrophic climate change, a belief now so conventional that it seems to require no supporting data. Crichton's subject is also how conventional wisdom is manufactured in a credulous and media-drenched society.

Various factions have interests -- monetary, political, even emotional -- in cultivating fears. The fears invariably seem to require more government subservience to environmentalists and more government supervision of our lives.
Maybe that’s the common theme for statist leftists: government control and regulation = good. Freedom = bad.

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