Monday, October 01, 2018

The case against Kavanaugh is collapsing

David French in the National Review:
A very strange thing happened over the weekend: If you follow Twitter closely, you’ll notice that the debate over Brett Kavanaugh moved significantly from the central question of last Thursday’s hearing — did he commit sexual assault? — to a raging debate over whether he lied about high-school slang, college drinking, and inside jokes, and whether he was just too “angry” to be a Supreme Court judge.

This torrent of commentary (most of it silly, including competing, furious arguments about how people described anal sex in 1982) obscures an important development: The sexual-assault claims against Kavanaugh are in a state of collapse.
If the media was anywhere near objective and fair in this process, it never would have gone this far.


Roger Bournival said...

'Collapsing'? It never existed. Leave it to a Never Trump NRO writer to frame it in such a term.

Anonymous said...

Obsolete conservative principle: "Bill Clinton wasn't impeached for a blow job, he was impeached for perjury."

Eric said...

Hot new liberal principle: "Atticus Finch was a rape apologist."

Anonymous said...

That was a great book. I liked the character Boof Radley best, with all his farting.