Friday, October 05, 2018

One more day

David French: "The Complete Case for Kavanaugh."

Not to belabor this point but the mainstream media has really beclowned themselves.  Even this morning on NPR, the host corrected a White House spokeswoman who said there is "no evidence" to support Ford's claims.  Nuh-uh, he countered: there is Ford's testimony.  That's the "evidence."
KUPEC: It made complete sense that he was upset. And considering the many, many women who have come out in his defense, saying what an incredible person he is, not just as a judge, but his treatment of women - and these are women who start in high school.
INSKEEP: Let me just be clear, very quickly, on two things you said. No evidence - we have to note there is sworn testimony by a person who says she's the victim, so we can't truthfully say no evidence.
At this point, I wanted the White House rep to say: "Steve Inskeep stole my purse!" and it would be true that Steve Inskeep is a purse-snatcher because #Believeallwomen.

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