Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Fauxcahontas lies again

Hit and Run: "The Complex, Childish Identity Politics of Elizabeth Warren’s Native Heritage."
No amount of plaintive claiming from Warren that to question her Native roots is to "call my mother a liar," is going to change the fact that saying you are Native American does not make it so.
Warren claimed that her paternal grandparents did not approve of her mother's Native American heritage and that's why her parents had to elope (they didn't.)  For this story to make sense, based on Warren's own DNA report, that means her grandparents were so racist they didn't want their son marrying a woman who was 1/512 Indian.


Anonymous said...

But is this story as childish and hilarious as Donald Trump — the man rewriting his jokey million-dollar challenge — literally suing HBO's Bill Maher in an effort to get 5 million dollars, after Maher said he'd pay that amount for proof that Trump wasn't born after an orangutan impregnated his mother? Like Warren, Trump didn't collect the money. But the lawsuit made it clear how he feels about chickenshit welchers.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Warren's average lead in the polls is a margin of 27%. That's 1% less than her opponent's total percentage.

I wonder how the king of the road Scott Brown feels about that?


Robert Fisk said...

Boy, the Hall Monitor has utterly and totally dedicated himself to laying down cover fire for Conchita Warren over her self-owning stunt here. It's quite an amazing thing to behold, particularly because it's such a bad choice of a hill to die on.

But it's no mystery who his favorite candidate for 2020 is.

You chose this warpath; don't cry because you got scalped said...

Roger Robert does his usual "A-to-B-to-J-to-Q-which-proves-you-love-Q" extrapolation routine, with the usual dismal result.

Here's my preferred candidate:


Robert Fisk said...

One would certainly have to agree that the Monitor is a caricature of a lefty. But I think it would actually be more accurate to say he's a caricature of a caricature of a lefty.