Monday, July 10, 2017

There goes Delaware

PJ Media: "Dem Senator: Lone Insurer Could Exit State's Marketplace."  "Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield could still exit the Delaware marketplace, leaving the state without a health insurance provider, Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) said Thursday while detailing discussions with company leadership."  Five other states just said: "Welcome to the party, pal."

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Kaiser Family Foundation: "We find no evidence of the individual market collapsing. Rather, insurers on track to have best year since ACA began"

"Insurer financial results show no sign of a market collapse... Some insurers have exited the market in recent years, but others have been successful and expanded their footprints, as would be expected in a competitive marketplace... While the market on average is stabilizing, there remain some areas of the country that are more fragile. In addition, policy uncertainty has the potential to destabilize the individual market generally. Mixed signals from the Administration and Congress as to whether cost sharing subsidy payments will continue or whether the individual mandate will be enforced have led to some insurers to leave the market or request larger premium increases than they would otherwise. A few parts of the country may now be at risk of having no insurer on exchange, though new entrants or expanding insurers have moved in to cover most areas previously thought to be at risk of being bare."

Last week, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee announced that they're asking for 21% premium increases specifically due to the uncertainty and political sabotage. Without that, they'd only be asking for an average 0.6% increase.