Wednesday, July 26, 2017

It's a mystery

Legal Insurrection: "Liberals Compare Boy Scouts to Hitler Youth, Still Can’t Understand Why They Lose Elections."


Twitzkrieg said...

Asinine, deceptive deflection. Legal Insurrection even has trouble finding incendiary quotes that don't specifically apply the comparison to Trump, not the Boy Scouts:

prompting some critics of the president ... to compare his rhetoric

Trump has officially succeeded in making the Boy Scouts feel a bit like

god damn does he make this look like

Please @POTUS don't put the Boy Scouts in this situation.... Totally unfair to these kids

Didn't really get the Hitler feel from Trump's latest diarrhetic speech. But man, too many Republicans sure are doing their very best impression of Vichy France.

Anonymous said...

Any comparison of the Boy Scouts and the Hitler Youth is absurd.

The Hitler Youth never had to issue a public apology for Hitler.