Saturday, July 08, 2017

Lazy Saturday

Took the dog to the dog park and now she's dozing.

It's occurred to me that I can't watch rerun sitcoms on TV anymore.  There are several channels now showing reruns of "MASH" and the episodes are edited within an inch of their lives.  The opening and closing credits are overlaid, there are jump edits within a millisecond of a delivered punchline, and whole scenes relevant to the plot and/or joke are cut out.

I think I'm learning to like baseball more and more for the simple reason that there's more "show" to watch.  They keep the cameras on and then run a couple minutes of commercials between innings.  At least you know you're not being cheated out of something.

Red Sox versus Tampa Bay today at 4pm.


Eirik said...

Reruns are best on services like Netflix and Hulu. No edits, full opening and closing credits, etc. The only slight problem is that if you allow Netflix to roll to the next episode auto-magically, it'll sometimes cut the opening a few seconds.

Eric said...

I used to have streaming Netflix but I found it to be nothing but TV shows and the movies were usually not great. Time to re-assess.

Jonathan Tuttle said...

Those M*A*S*H episodes are brand new to me, and I love 'em exactly the way they are! My two favorite characters are Hawk and Kling.

Eric said...

LOL. Nice.

Eric said...

If I could just beat a dead horse here, I was watching an episode where Hawkeye was desperately trying to call Maine because his father was getting an operation. Charles was empathizing with Hawkeye and they talked about their fathers.

In my opinion, the MOST critical dialogue in this episode is when Charles says: "I have a father, but you have a dad." It's a rare bonding moment between the two of them, while expressing the complicated relationship between fathers and sons.

They cut it out.