Monday, July 10, 2017

Comey's "Dear Diary" loophole

Here's Jonathan Turley on James Comey's classified memos:
However, the issue was not the writing of the memos but their removal from the FBI and their leaking to the media. There is a reason why “sometimes when things are classified, it tangles them up.” It is called classification review. That does not give you license to transfer the information into a separate document and declare it a “Dear Diary” entry. That is a loose interpretation that Comey as FBI director never afforded to his subordinates and it would effectively gut the rules governing privileged and classified information.

Not surprisingly, The Hill reported that indeed the memos have been declared classified by the FBI. The newspaper maintains that four of the memos had markings indicating they contained classified material at the “secret” or “confidential” level.
Incredibly, the excuse being given is that the memos weren't marked classified.  I've heard that one before.

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Anonymous said...

How many of the seven memos were leaked? Wasn't it just the "lay off Flynn" one?