Monday, November 21, 2016

The Obama-Trump voters speak

The Atlantic has a great piece with testimonials from Americans who voted for Obama the first time around but for Donald Trump in this last election.  Here's an excerpt from "Aaron":
Shouting down political opponents is nothing new, but for people with modern sensibilities, being called a bigot when it’s unwarranted actually has an effect similar to a racial slur. It creates a sense of shame and anger, and it forces people to remind themselves that they’re fundamentally a good person. Like other slurs, it shuts down the conversation immediately and creates a mutual distrust.

Add in the new culture of safe spaces and trigger warnings, and you create an ideological echo chamber. Little by little, the social justice movement seems to be morphing into an insidious and sometimes subtle form of oppression, where controversial ideas are expunged from the public dialogue—by force of law if necessary.
Kristen says "I am not a Deplorable" and Vince adds the following:
The progressive left seems to have grown more hysterical, more bullying than ever before. It has enacted an illiberal, punitive, terrifying form of politics where everyone is one wrong position or one misunderstanding from being ex-communicated from the world of the decent. You’re either an Angel completely signed onto their endless quest for progressive utopia, or a Devil. While too many grope for the overheated “Marxist” to describe this kind of politics, it is far more apt than the totally inadequate “Political Correctness.”

It has obliterated any serious debate on a host of subjects by vilifying and demonizing some very good, decent people throughout the country. 
Today I read a piece by the Public Editor of the New York Times about the paper's coverage of the election and how complaints are "five times the normal level."  Then I had the misfortune of checking out the comments section attached to this piece and, wouldn't you know it, every single Trump voter is a racist.  Sexist too, but definitely racist.

Well, keep it up, Dems.  Eventually your relentless vilification of everyday Americans will pay off.

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