Wednesday, November 09, 2016

My expat conversation

I have to relate this story: about two months ago I was talking to somebody in a European nation and they asked "How is it possible that Trump could win?"  My response was that, while Trump may be intolerable, "Hillary is such a liar."

I didn't think it was so much an argument as an explanation, but apparently it was correct.


Michael Janowski said...

A month ago you made a comment that was basically "at least the republicans have Idaho." I moved to Idaho last year, and a month ago I wouldn't have taken that bet.

Eric said...


Just last week, I was talking about my good friend from high school who moved to San Diego. Ha, that's a funny coincidence. How are you?

Michael Janowski said...

I'm doing well. Like I mentioned, I escaped from San Diego last year and now reside in Pocatello, Idaho. Not that I hated San Diego, but it's a better place to visit than live. However if enjoy a high cost of living, insane taxes, crazy traffic and lunatic politicians then California might be for you. Life is much slower and more relaxed, my hour commute turned into five minutes and I now spend my weekends hunting, fishing or otherwise enjoying the fresh outdoor air. I even voted for a Democrat yesterday, the county sheriff. But he's an Idaho Democrat, which means he'd be a Republican in most other states.

Dan Whelan said...

Eric, it must be amongst a certAin demographic. Frankly,
In most of the conversations I've had with Euro colleagues, they almost universally mistrusted Clinton and felt, at the least, Trump was open and honest. Some even regarded him well. So, yeah, if you talk to a smelly 20-something backpacker on Ibiza, Trump is evil. If you talked to people with a bit more skin in the game, they thought both candidates as bad choices, but many I spoke to favored Trump. quite contrary to what the news was saying.

Eric said...

Mike: Good to hear. I never pegged you for a hunter but it's probably a required skill up in Idaho. Sounds like a whole different world than NJ.

Dan: I think my words were that Trump may be "intolerable" but Clinton is "unthinkable."