Monday, October 24, 2016

There's no talking to this guy

Bloomberg: "Why Obama Won’t Listen to Reason on Obamacare."  "One of President Obama’s cherished conceits is that disagreement with him can have no rational basis, and it was the theme of his most recent speech in defense of his health-care law."

A while ago, I wrote that if you want to understand Obama, look at everything through the prism of his ego.  His signature legislation cannot be failing and the fault must lie somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

Ramesh Ponnuru has predicted that Obamacare would immediately make rising health costs skyrocket (it didn’t). Ponnuru has written that Obamacare made health insurance costs rise even more quickly than they had previously been (they did the opposite).

Now, after years of deflationary data that has scuttled his predictions and refuted his claims, he’s reduced to saying it’s “dubious” that what has happened really happened. Or, if did happen, it’s merely part of a larger trend that dates back to precisely 2002 -- the years 2001 and 2003 don’t work for Ponurru’s timeline, because there was a cost spike in 2002 -- and that “the best that can be said about the law’s effect on health spending is that its early years haven’t interrupted that slowdown.” Obamacare: simultaneously catastrophic and irrelevant.

Ponnuru’s also saying that any Obamacare successes that he can’t dismiss have been philosophical in nature, and it’s not Republicans’ role to agree with their scope or purpose.

This, to Ponnuru, is some of the “reason” and “rational basis” that stubborn Obama won’t listen to.

Roger Bournival said...

By all means then, let's keep this wonderful law!

Eric2 said...

What law? I thought we were talking about Ponnuru.

But seriously folks: in the early days of Obamacare (we're still calling it that), President Four-Putt was anxious to claim it was keeping health care inflation low...somehow. Now that they're skyrocketing again - squirrel!

Tell me again, what are those "successes we can't dismiss?" Expanded insurance coverage that isn't accepted by most doctors?