Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Left hates free speech, continuing

The heckler's veto wins out at the University of Maryland.


Anonymous said...

Some complaints about campus intolerance do have merit, such as the inane double-barrel protest against Joe Biden AND John Boehner for this year's Notre Dame commencement.

But Milo Yiannopoulos? Don't tell me you're chump enough to buy into that guy's cornball shock jock provoke-a-thon.

If a day ever comes when Milo isn't being "censored," he will cease to exist at all.

2006-2016 said...

Speakers who've been disinvited to campuses in the past decade, as the result of conservative objections or protest:

Carol Beier, Newman University
Luis Guiterrez, University of Southern California
Robin Steinberg, Harvard University
Common, Kean University
Suzanne Venker, Williams College
Anita Sarkeesian, Utah State University
Ramy Jan, Georgetown University
Lois Lerner, Western New England University Law School
David Harris-Gershon, University of California, Santa Barbara
James Deen, Pasadena City College
John Corvino, Providence College
Alice Walker, University of Michigan
Geraldo Rivera, Duquesne University
Tina Beattie, University of San Diego
Robert Hagan, Mercy College School of Nursing
Osama Shabaik, University of California, Irvine
Vincente Fox, Point Loma Nazarene University
Ellen Goodman, St. Francis University
Victoria Reggie Kennedy, Anna Maria College
Tony Kushner, City University of New York
Marvin Casey, Washington University in St. Louis
Anna Quindlen, Villanova University
William Ayers, University of Wyoming
Norman Finkelstein, Clark University
Marc Falkoff, McHenry County College
William Ayers, Boston College
William Ayers, Georgia Southern University
William Ayers, University of Nebraska
John Corvino, Aquinas College
Jeremiah Wright, Northwestern University
Norman Finkelstein, DePaul University
Desmond Tutu, University of St. Thomas
Robert Trivers, Harvard University
Roberta Wilhelm, College of St. Mary
Gary Yourofsky, University of Southern Indiana
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Columbia University

Until that list gets to be a rival "series," it can't possibly "continue."

During the same decade, there have been more such campus protests, including more disinvitations, at the hands of the liberal side of the political spectrum. But lefties don't have a monopoly on free speech intolerance.

Eric said...

What's the source for this list? Conservatives (only) protested Ahmandinejad? Lois Lerner? Jeremiah Wright?

Maybe the protests were less ideologically-based on more along the lines of keeping people from profiting from their crimes. Looking at you, Lerner and Ayers.

2006-2016 said...

Maybe the protests were less ideologically-based on more along the lines of keeping people from profiting from their crimes.

Ah, so now you support Rutgers giving the boot to Condi Rice?

Ahmandinejad was cancelled due to unspecified "logistical issues" following protests from a pro-Israeli campus group and threats from donors. Lerner cancelled her appearance in the wake of anger about the purported Tea Party audit targeting. Wright had his honorary degree and speaking slot yanked after the college said anti-Wright protests would detract from the "celebratory" nature of commencement. The multiple Ayers cancellations came after the same kind of travelling opposition, leading to stated security concerns, that Milo Yiannopoulos is currently reveling in. Identical attempts to block Ayers' speeches occurred but failed at Brandeis, Millersville U., Penn State, and St. Mary's College, which are each impenetrable fortresses of iron.