Thursday, October 06, 2016

Obama's blame/credit when things are bad/good

WashPost Fact Checker: "Clinton, Kaine airbrush out inconvenient details about U.S. troop departure from Iraq."  These two paragraphs say it all:
When the negotiations collapsed, Obama was happy to make the withdrawal of U.S. troops a key part of his 2012 reelection campaign. “Four years ago, I promised to end the war in Iraq. We did,” he declared at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.
When the growing power of the Islamic State forced Obama to send troops back to Iraq, the spin changed. The president in 2014 acknowledged that “we had offered to leave additional troops” but said the blame for the United States leaving Iraq rested on the Iraqi government.
He didn't draw that red line...unless it worked, then he did!  Also, Obamacare is the Republican's fault.

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