Thursday, August 04, 2016

This Iranian deal is great stuff

MassLive: "Obama denies $400M shipped to Iran was ransom, says it wasn't 'nefarious deal'."
Obama allowed that the one piece of new information, first reported this week by The Wall Street Journal, was that the $400 million was paid in cash. It was delivered to Iran on palettes aboard an unmarked plane.

"The only bit of news is that we paid cash," he said. "The reason is because we couldn't send them a check and we couldn't wire the money. We don't have a banking relationship with Iran which is part of the pressure we applied on them."
That sounds perfectly normal to send an unmarked cargo plane into Tehran with a pallet full of Euros because we "don't have a banking relationship."  I mean, you have to open an account, then fill out one of those signature cards - oh, it's a hassle.

Also, "we do not pay ransom for hostages."  Just because the hostages were released on the exact same day and the Iranians were waiting for their payoff, well that's a coincidence.

We all know this obvious lie will never be challenged by the mainstream media, so why bother?'s old news.


Anonymous said...

Just because the hostages were released on the exact same day and the Iranians were waiting for their payoff, well that's a coincidence.

Did Ronald Reagan conspire with the Ayatollah?

the $400 million was paid in cash

Just 44 more flights of untraceable $400 million pallets of cash, and it'll (possibly) match the Iraq War's mystery missing money total.

We all know this obvious lie will never be challenged by the mainstream media, so why bother?

Congratulations to somebody's Ouija board, I guess, for finding and publishing this news story. Which you heard about... somehow. In a dream vision?

Obviously this stinks like the obvious ransom payoff it obviously was.

But always going for the one-way outrage is one of the things that eventually gave you your charming 2016 presidential candidate. Whose indifference to his own bribery has been part of his campaign. He's the person you avoid talking about, while focusing on cranky conservative professors and intolerant liberal students and Breitbart vs the Daily Show.

Iranymous said...

Yes, Reagan had Iran-Contra. Therefore, Obama is entitled to pay ransom for hostages and have it not be criticized.

Interestingly, there's only one direction of one-way outrage that's impermissible.

Eric said...

Let me stop you right there: Trump is not "my" Presidential candidate and I'm on record wishing for his annihilation as a lesson to the idiot Republican primary voters.

The media puckers up and smooches Obama for anything he does that would be radioactive to a Republican. Using the IRS to target enemies was one of the articles of impeachment against Nixon. Obama says there's not a "smidgen" of evidence and the press goes: "Oh, OK chief." And so on.

Iranymous said...

It's a strange thing to want the country damaged in order to punish the voters of your own party. Do you, like George Will, want Hillary to win all 47 states? That'll teach 'em.

I guess the logic is, if we can make things bad enough by having Hillary elected and establishing an irrevocably liberal Supreme Court, the Republican voters will repent and come to their senses and nominate another nice establishment type like McCain, Romney , or Jeb!. Then that candidate will magically win the presidency and the repair work can begin.

The problem with that logic is, that's not how downward spirals work. Just look at any of the large cities that have been under unbroken Democrat rule for decades. Do the deteriorating conditions inspire the voters there to question why things just keep getting worse during 50 years of Democrat rule? Do they want to try an alternative?

No. To them, like to a drug addict, it seems like the solution to their problems is to get even more of the thing that is destroying them. In their minds, if things are this bad under Democrats, they can't even imagine how much worse they'd be if Republicans got in power. Thus, in the downward spiral, their devotion to the Democrats becomes even more intense.

Eric said...

I'm losing my job in January and in the process of transitioning to a consulting business. Maybe it'll take off, maybe it won't. But (naturally) I got on Youtube to see if there were any videos on how to go about setting it up.
One of them called "Consulting 101" is actually a clip from "House of Lies" and the consultant on the show talks about "getting them on the tit." That is, it doesn't really matter what you do as long as they believe you're on their side; then you can milk a relationship forever.
Now over 50% of Americans are receiving some kind of government check and - coincidentally! - we just doubled the national debt. But nobody gives a damn about passing this on to future generations. Keep those spigots open and make the "rich" pay for it.

Coincidentally, Reason Online did a article about how Trump's budget will spend way, way more than Clinton's. Everybody is Santa Claus now.