Friday, August 19, 2016

Hillary has NOT admitted a mistake

This is from the conclusion of Chris Cillizza's column in the WashPost: "Hillary Clinton’s ‘Colin Powell did it’ defense of her email practices is just plain wrong"
For whatever reason — and despite the fact that Clinton has said on several occasions that she knows she made a mistake — she seems incapable of accepting that responsibility and moving on.
Like a blind journalist, has Cillizza stumbled upon the truth here?  Hillary "admits a mistake" in the sense that you, America, fail to understand that the rules were clarified later, or Colin Powell told her it was kosher, or other people in the State department knew she was using the private email account, etc.

But it's never her fault and she accepts no responsibility except in the sense that it affects her campaign.  Just once, I'd like to hear a journalist ask Hillary just what was her personal mistake.

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