Sunday, August 14, 2016

They are who we thought they were

Here we go again with this loser talk.  Hot Air: "Trump is now running against the crooked media."

Really?  The unskewed polls can't be far behind.  Study after study has shown that the American media is irredeemably liberal yet every four years this comes as a surprise to national candidates.  (For example: OMG, I can't believe Candy Crowley injected herself into this debate!)  A Republican candidate needs to run against the Democrat and the media.  But, for heaven's sake, don't start whining about it like it's something new.  Trump needed to walk a fine line.  He didn't need to reinforce the narratives that Hillary is throwing out there.  The media is who they are, right Dennis?


Roger Bournival said...

Too bad Dennis is dead.

zazzile89 said...

So is Trump.