Saturday, January 02, 2016

"Youse gonna be working together"

Hot Air: "As predicted, New York managed to lose huge amounts of sin tax money."  This reminds me of when, when confronted with the fact that capital gains revenues drop when rates rise, Obama defended tax hikes in the name of "fairness."  Because there is always virtue in taxes.


But being ideologically pure just FEELS so good said...

Since they're not literally stupid, the Democrats know beyond a doubt that lowering the cigarette tax would increase the revenue that they are ravenously grabbing for. Yet they won't do that because their puritanical righteousness is worth more to them than hundreds of millions of dollars.

Eric said...

Yes, that $400 million in missing revenue could be used any number of social programs but they'll never roll 'em back. The Laffer curve is a mystery to them.

Anonymous said...

And yet you're against casinos.