Saturday, January 23, 2016

Shut up, they explained - a continuing series

Here's Jonah Goldberg responding to a New Yorker hit piece on the Koch Brothers:
Liberals are constantly talking about how we need an “honest conversation” about race or guns or this or that. But what they invariably mean is, they want everyone who disagrees to shut up. (That’s why they hate Fox News, too.)

The best working definition of “right wing” today has almost nothing to do with the ideological content of what right-wingers say or do. A right-winger is someone who disagrees with the liberal narrative, has the temerity to say so, and dares to actually try to change the conversation.
There's been a mini-controversy here in the Happy Valley of Western Massachusetts because the mayor of Northampton allowed a "Black Lives Matter" banner to hang on city hall for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Some people who believe "All Lives Matter" view the banner as divisive and anti-police.  But the most risible comment to come out of the controversy is that somebody said that they wanted to draw white people into a conversation on race.

They want no such thing.  The BLM activists want capitulation to their narrative.  As I wrote on the MassLive comment board, there is a 0.00001% chance a white person who did not offer up a confession would not be branded a racist.

Why bother?

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