Saturday, January 09, 2016

Really, Liam Neeson?

Independent Journal: "More than 100 Hollywood Celebs Just Backed Obama’s Gun Control Push."

I can understand, say, Sarah Jessica Parker whose most famous character is in a search for shoes.  But Liam Neeson?  Is there a movie star that owes his career to the glorification of guns more than him?  (After Ah-nold).


Anonymous said...

He came out against guns a long time ago.
A total d ck

Anonymous said...

Liberal Alan Alda played the Republicans' candidate for president on "The West Wing." Conservative Jimmy Stewart distributed handouts to the takers in "It's a Wonderful Life." Liberal Henry Fonda was pro-gun (and anti-child) in "Once Upon a Time in the West." Conservative Dennis Hopper was a paranoid hippie in "Apocalypse Now." It's called acting.

Eric said...

So Liam Neeson doesn't benefit from tough-guy roles where he shoves a gun into a terrorist's face? It's just acting?

OK, then.

Anonymous said...

Remember that time Governor Schwarzenegger signed California's open carry rocket launcher law?