Monday, January 25, 2016

Now we know why the markings were gone

For a while now, Hillary's go-to excuse to explain away classified information on her homebrew server was that the documents weren't "marked."  Idiots like Chuck Todd let her get away with it by asking the same questions she's already rehearsed very well.  These journalists never ask why there were no markings on these highly classified documents.

Over at the Federalist, former Army Colonel Kurt Schlichter explains the mechanics of moving this sensitive information onto Clinton's server: it was a deliberate violation of the law.  From "How Hillary got classified information on her private email."
If these new revelations are true, then it appears Hillary Clinton systematically conspired with her minions to transmit classified information from secure systems to her unsecure server. It’s not merely hard to see how she is not guilty of multiple violations of Section 1924. It’s impossible.
In short, the only way these top secret documents got there was if Clinton or her minions purposely stripped the markings and then transmitted them via email to the bathroom server.  Why would they do this?  Because Hillary explicitly asked them to!  This scandal is now incandescently criminal.

Extra - Andrew McCarthy: "Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Appears Gravely Criminal."

More - Neo-Neocon: "I used to think there was zero chance of Hillary being indicted. Now I think there’s a 10% chance."  Uh-oh.

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