Thursday, December 10, 2015


"One more victory will utterly undo him" - Plutarch, Life of Pyrrhus

How's that hard-won, unilateral legislation to bring health care to all Americans working out?

Not so great: "‘Successful’ Obamacare Co-Op Imploding"
The only one of 23 co-ops to make a profit last year, CHO started to bleed money in 2015 because enrollees sought more medical care than expected.
Some success.  But wait, there's more less!  Hot Air: "New CBO report: ObamaCare will reduce workforce by 2 million over next 10 years."


Operation Cooperation said...

I'm always interested in the hand-wringing that goes on when we encounter some supposedly mammoth problem that is a threat to a government program. The obvious move here, as in countless other "problems", is to throw ever-greater amounts of borrowed money at these co-ops, until more money is coming in than going out. Problem solved!

Or do you just want people to die?

Anonymous said...

most people who sign up like ObamaCare
more and more are signing up

Anonymous said...

How can ANY insurer survive under this Obamacare?

That the first two matches are Daily Caller links ('Successful' Co-Op Imploding) is just a bonus.

Operation Cooperation said...

It just galls me to see these insurers, enjoying their obscene profits from Obamacare, having the audacity to increase their premiums by double digits for next year. How much profit is enough? And as if the premium increases won't bring in enough added profits, they're also underhandedly increasing their insured's deductibles, out-of-pocket costs, and coinsurance rates. These are all stealth premium increases, on top of the official ones!

It's enough to make you want the government to step in enact sane, common sense regulations and mandates, and bring down the costs of health care insurance.

Anonymous said...

Health insurers make profits: a sign of Obamacare's systemic failure.
Health insurers take losses: a sign of Obamacare's systemic failure.

Well, at least it's an ethos.

Operation Cooperation said...

Huge increase in tax on individuals who don't buy coverage: a sign of Obamacare's systemic success.
Move by Democrats to end Obamacare tax on their corporate cronies and union handlers: a sign of Obamacare's systemic success.

Well, at least it's a racket.