Monday, December 07, 2015

Brace yourself: the NY Times engages in pure hypocrisy

I know!  I was surprised too.  But the eagle-eyed Charles C.W. Cooke noted that just last year, the Times deplored the No-Fly List as an extra-Constitutional tool of intimidation.  Now, it's the preferred method to void a person's Second Amendment rights without due process:
By the Times’s own standards, the GOP’s skepticism was sensible no? Surely, it would be downright outrageous to allow the Bill of Rights to be compromised by the “the shadowy, self-contradictory world of American terror watch lists, which operate under a veil of secrecy so thick that it is virtually impossible to pierce it when mistakes are made”?

Apparently not.
Don't try to make sense of it.

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Times of Hypocrisy said...

This just shows once again how the left will behave like blind animals when they think they have an opportunity for a gun grab. What makes it funny is that in their blind delusions they actually don't realize there is no chance for them to get this, no matter how many righteously historic front-page editorials they vomit.

Mr. Cooke also points out another interesting side effect of their hive-minded blindness. The last thing they care about is that the no-fly list is overwhelmingly Muslim. They literally don't care that the gun grab they would kill to accomplish, violates the privileged treatment of Muslims they demand from everyone else.