Wednesday, September 02, 2015

You've got your legacy, and how

You have to hand it to Obama: you would think that after driving the Democratic Party to record low representation across the nation, they'd think twice about throwing support behind another proposal solidly opposed by the American people.  Yet here we are again on the verge of another "victory".

Jonathan Tobin writes: "The Democrats Now Own Iran. They’ll Soon Wish They Didn’t"
Obama got his deal despite the opposition of the majority of Congress and the American people. But the Democratic Party now gets to pay the bill for it. By making Iran a partisan issue in this manner, Obama saddled his party with the blame for everything that will happen in the coming years.
Here's the thing: Obama has spent so much time vilifying opponents of this rotten deal, his enormous ego will not allow him to ever admit defeat.  And the mullahs in Iran know this.  So they'll funnel their recently-released riches to Hezbollah, and block out nuclear inspectors, and ramp up the mischief - because they know that Obama will never call them out on it.

To do so would be to confess that he's made a terrible mistake.  That will not do.

Extra - PJ Tatler: "Democratic Party Now Responsible for Iran’s Next Steps."

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