Sunday, September 06, 2015

It's not complicated

Powerline: "'Sorry you're confused' she said hopefully."  "The problem for Hillary is that the email scandal is simple, not confusing. It’s easy for people to understand that folks don’t set up a private email server, in contradiction, of company policy, unless (1) they want to hide stuff and (2) they see themselves as above the rules ordinary folk must follow."

And every time she opens her mouth and tries to explain away these very obvious facts, she insults the intelligence of the American people.  Maybe that's why she stopped meeting with the press.


"Hey! I'm on the pot, we're out of toilet paper, and the server is making strange noises said...

In another Powerline article, Mrs. Rodham Clinton explains that she went through the complicated and rule-violating process of setting up a private email system from scratch (instead of effortlessly using the official one that was automatically provided), doing this because she was so busy she didn't have time to think about what kind of email system to use.

Let that one sink in until it makes sense.

Eric said...

Yeah, it's this kind of stuff that doesn't pass the laugh test and when she tries to explain it just makes things worse.

At this point, she's trapped between the legal and political.