Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Like with a cloth or something?

Hillary last month: "I don't know nothin' about wipin' no servers!"

Cybersecurity expert Hillary now: "There's no evidence of a security breach."

That's some learning curve.


I am a type of human being said...

With the news that the FBI is recovering deleted emails from Rodham Clinton's homebrew server, the possibility is opened that when she said, "What do you mean, wipe a server?" she may have been expressing genuine cluelessness rather than a contempt for the rule of law. (Which is not to say that contempt for the rule of law does not animate every fiber of her being.)

This does mean though, that "Destroying compromising data" may have to be removed from her list of accomplishment on her resumé to be president.

Hey wait - that was her list of accomplishments!

Virus Vance said...

Hillary last month ... expert Hillary now

Haw! Why would anyone, and how could anyone become more informed about something central to their ambitions in only a month's time, especially somebody with employees who help craft her public responses? It's absurd!

Eric said...

"The Secret Service was protecting the server from Chinese electrons!" - Hillary, probably