Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Texas clock hoax

Investor's Business Daily: "Did Muslim Clock Boy perpetrate a hoax?"  Yes he did.

The real scandal here is the reaction of the media and assorted Leftists (but I repeat myself).  The clock/bomb story was the Perfect Storm for the Left to sneer at Texas: for being anti-science, for the "over-reaction" of the police, and - naturally - for racism.  No wonder the Obama White House jumped in feet first before even checking out the details.

What did Ahmed get for his traumatic subjugation at the hands of these Lone Star knuckle-draggers?  An invite to the White House, an invite to Facebook, and a ton of swag from Microsoft.


Time Bomb Defused said...

Obviously, Obama will want to downplay this precocious boy's visit to the White House, given what's been learned, though he's stuck with going through with it. The question is, will the media go along and basically ignore the visit?

Why do I even ask?

Roger Bournival said...

...and a ton of swag from Microsoft.

Hasn't the kid suffered enough already?

The committee said...

+1 to Roger