Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Here come the water-carriers

If there was ever any doubt that the mainstream media would start to cover up for Hillary's crimes, here's Jeffrey Toobin in the New Yorker: "Hillary's problem: The government classifies everything."

Here's a taste of Toobin's argument:
In one case, according to media reports, one of Clinton’s potentially classified e-mail exchanges is nothing more than a discussion of a newspaper story about drones. That such a discussion could be classified underlines the absurdity of the current system. 
Geez, what's the big deal everyone?  Well, maybe that discussion included information like "hey, this news article is talking about our secret base outside of Karachi."  Nobody can say at this point but the Inspector Generals seem to think it's serious enough.  In the next sentence, Toobin concedes:
But that is the system that exists, and if and when the agencies determine that she sent or received classified information through her private server, Clinton will be accused of mishandling national-security secrets.
Yes it is, which is why the State department has it's own servers, presumably with better security than computers stored in a Denver bathroom.  But since Hillary's email was almost certainly hacked by foreign agents, it's time to declare it's all meaningless info:
This is nonsense on several levels, beginning with the fact that the Secretary of State does not have the authority to unilaterally reclassify material on her own whim.
The point behind having laws that put people in jail for mishandling top-secret material is to ensure that rogue employees don’t decide to overrule the entire intelligence apparatus and decide that TOP SECRET//SI//TK//NOFORN material is really just silly fluff that anybody should be able to read.
We've only scratched the surface and already we're up to 300+ classified emails.  Hillary belongs in prison.

Extra - Hot Air: "Latest pro-Hillary spin: Classifications are dumb, y'all."

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A Cloth or Something said...

Never has a Presidential candidate been so subject to the possibility of blackmail by hostile foreign powers. Powers that monitored every word that moved through her bathroom email system.